GETTING THE CALL: Finding out we were going to be parents!

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When we started the adoption process in August of 2015 we were set on using an agency. Shortly before our orientation weekend in October, we got a call from a family friend telling us about a young couple who were pregnant and had decided on adoption. We declined. We spent the 9th and 10th of October that year at the agency orientation.

Soon after we got back, my wife’s friend called asking if she could at least tell the couple about us. We relented. A day or two later she called back saying they really wanted to meet us.

That meeting happened with her, the birthparents, and the birth mother’s mom on October 19th. We had just returned from orientation weekend at the agency and were much better informed about how the process works and what to expect, even though private adoption was different.

The short story is that when my wife and I got in the car to leave, we were stunned. I commented on how that could not have gone better if we had prepared a script. Everything we had covered in the orientation came out without our prodding or asking questions. It was unbelievable.

At that first meeting, we found out they were having a boy. We shared pictures of our family and lives that we had prepared for our agency adoption packet. In turn, they showed us the sonograms! We weren’t prepared for that and it was surreal.

We agreed to meet for dinner the following Monday on the 26th, without my wife’s friend (who is also a counselor). While the dinner went well, we weren’t sure what was going to happen next.

The following night, I had just climbed into bed about 9:30pm when my phone rang. It was the birth father. I had no idea why he’d be calling me, especially that late. He told me that they had been talking and realized they probably hadn’t been clear. It was then he told me they had decided that they wanted us to be the adoptive parents. It was hard getting to sleep that night.

Four years ago tonight, our lives changed forever. Not a single day has gone by since then that we’ve regretted taking that meeting, not that we had a choice.

When you hear our complete adoption story, it’s clear how there was a Divine hand in the entire process. That story should be ready next month so be sure to subscribe below because you won’t want to miss it!

Do you know anyone that has adopted a child, or has adoption touched your life in some way?

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