HOW TO STOP PORCH PIRATES! MyQ Smart Garage Review – Updated for 2023!

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It’s 2023 which also means it’s Amazon season year-round! Now that we’re past the holidays, we can worry less about having gifts stolen and more about our everyday orders. This simple device allows you to DEFEAT THE PORCH PIRATES and secure your Amazon deliveries!

I ordered the MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener on a Friday morning and installed it the next afternoon. Total time was under 15 minutes to get it configured and mounted.

I originally bought it because my wife’s new car doesn’t have the HomeLink system to open and close the garage door. She’s currently parking outside (more room for the garage gym and workshop) until her windows start frosting over at night, but she isn’t comfortable leaving a garage door opener in the car while parked in the driveway.

Now she can open and close the garage door from her phone and check it from anywhere to make sure it’s closed. You can also set a schedule so you don’t forget to close it at night.

If you have the MyQ opener, when checking out on Amazon, select Amazon Key for your delivery method (once you link your account). When the driver arrives and is within 25 feet of your garage, he or she can open the garage door using the one-time-use key in their app, place it inside, and closes your door…and you get the notification.

For additional security and peace of mind, you can connect it to a camera to monitor the delivery. You can set up notifications that your door has been opened and closed. This setup is also available as a bundle!

We get so many “that’s my package, but that ain’t my porch” posts in our community Facebook group. With Amazon Key, the scanner has to be within close proximity of your garage so I’m hoping this helps with packages being left randomly at houses throughout our neighborhood. And if the door doesn’t open…they know they’re at the wrong house.

That’s a good amount of peace-of-mind and convenience for less than $30!

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