My CO2 Laser Modifications

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Before running my laser, I decided to go ahead and do most of the upgrades I wanted to add.

First off was adding an analog ammeter and did all my power test before starting. This lets me monitor the laser, especially when working with new materials, to make sure I’m not running the tube at too much power.

I also ripped out the stock fan (wiring and all) and added an 8″ AC Infinity exhaust and reduced it down to a 6″ duct.

I then added a solenoid for air assist control by layer in Lightburn. That solenoid is now mounted with double sided tape where the stock exhaust fan used to be. That’s fed by a California Air Tools 8 gallon compressor which is quieter than the exhaust. Of course this needed the hoses and connectors as well.

I drilled a hold in the back to run the line in and connected into the solenoid, using the existing air lines in the machine coming out of the solenoid. Also included an air dryer that I mounted on the side of the machine using a piece of plywood over the plate that comes off to add a longer tube.

Here is the comprehensive list:

Air Assist Upgrade

California Air Tools 8010 Steel Tank Air Compressor | Ultra Quiet

SNS SPC1/4-02NPTBE 1/4″Tube OD x 1/4 NPT Pneumatic Fittings

Stainless Steel 1/4″ Hose Barb to 3/8″ Male

1/4″ NPT Air Drying System – 5 Micron Particulate Filter

6mm x 4mm Orange Pneumatic Tubing


1/4 inch NPT 24V Way Normally Closed Electric Solenoid

6-Pin 5.08mm Pitch Male Female PCB Screw Terminal Block

Exhaust System

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S8 PRO, Quiet 8” Inline Duct Fan with 10-Speed Controller

AC Infinity Duct Adapter, 8” to 6” Ducting Reducer

6 Inch Ducting – Black 25 Feet Flex Aluminum


Ammeter Module Fine Tuning DC 0-30ma Current Analog Panel Meter

1.97 inch Hole Saw Drill Bit HSS Hole Cutter  (This cut through the top of my machine)

I used some 16 gauge wire I had, but something like this would work, too.